The term Galvanise refers to the coating of steel or iron with zinc. This is done to prevent rusting. 

The zinc acts as a sacrificial anode so that it protects exposed steel including if the coated is scratched the exposed steel will still be protected from corrosion by the remaining zinc, which is a feature that is absent from paint, enamel and powder coating. 

Although galvanising will inhibit attack of the underlying steel, eventually rusting will be inevitable, especially if exposed to the natural acidity of rain or marine environments.  When comparing the lasting effect of galvanized steel to other finishes it will have a longer life than paint, enamel and powder coat.  Materials that may have a longer life span than galvanized steel include Marine Grade Stainless Steel and Copper.

At Lighting Collective we have a large range of Galvanised Light Fittings including:

• Galvanised Exterior Wall Lights
• Galvanised Step Lights
• Galvanised Wall Lights
• Galvanised Lights